Paper and Posters

Key Paper and Poster presented from NFLR

  • Paper presented at “BISED – 2018” National conference on Biotechnological innovations for Socio-economic Development and won first prize for the paper entitled “Implications of passages in differentiation protocols of Adipose tissue-derived stem cells- can nucleostemin be a predictive indicator?”
  • Paper presented at “ICAMSE -2018” International conference on advances in materials science and engineering for societal applications titled “on Collagen –pectin scaffolds for wound healing”.
  • Paper Presented at National Conference on recent trends in Biotechnology (Bio-Trends – 2016) held at NIOT, Chennai, India. “Spontaneous Induction of Human infrapatellar fat pat tissue-derived stem cells to neuronal-like lineage cells”.
  • Participated as a delegate and presented an oral talk titled “Effect of passaging on the stemness of infrapatellar fat Pad derived stem cells and potential role of nucleostemin as a prognostic marker of impaired stemness” at BioTERM 2019, International Conference on Biomaterial–based therapeutic engineering and Regenerative medicine.
  • Poster presented at Neuro update 2020 International conference and won third prize in the poster presentation for the poster entitled “In vitro physiological condition regulates neurotransmitter re specification or switching during stem cells differentiation to neurons”.
  • Poster presented at 24th Annual scientific meeting (2016) of Indian Association for the study of the liver (25 credit hours) titled “collagen-based 3D scaffold for hepatic regeneration”.
  • Poster presented at BIOMET- 2018 International Conference on Biomaterials, Bioengineering, and Biotheranostics titled “Implications of passages in differentiation protocols of Adipose tissue-derived stem cells”.
  • Poster Presented at ICCB- 2018 International conference on Cell Biology, a poster entitled “Neuronal potential of human infrapatellar fat pad derived Adipose tissue-derived Stem cells”.
  • Paper presented at National virtual conference on recent breakthroughs in Biotechnology (2021). Analysis of alternate extrinsic signaling of stem cells-derived neuroprogenitor revealed developmental mechanisms with varied outcomes. Conducted by the Society of Biotechnologists India (SBTI).