World Viral Hepatitis Day

World Viral Hepatitis Day


World Viral Hepatitis Day

Viral hepatitis remains one of the most important public health challenges all over the world. This is particularly significant in India, which has a sizable population of patients with hepatitis B & C infections. Public health initiatives are necessary not just to manage complications of viral hepatitis in patients but also to sensitize the general public regarding these infections.

Despite the availability of a highly effective vaccine against hepatitis B infection, the problem of de novo hepatitis B infection is persisting in our country. While most developed countries have included hepatitis B vaccination in the standard immunization protocol at birth, this is still not available through the universal immunization program.

Given the importance of this problem, the World Health Organization has designated 28th July as World Hepatitis Day to urge all stakeholders to get involved in the early prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of viral hepatitis. The National Foundation for Liver Research (NFLR) is an initiative by Professor Mohamed Rela, who is currently the Director of the Institute of Liver Disease & Transplantation, Global Health City, Chennai- South India’s largest liver transplant program. The National Foundation for Liver Research was established with the objectives of promoting scientific research in liver disease, improving public awareness about liver disease and organ donation and expanding access to life-saving liver surgery irrespective of their economic background.

Goals of NFLR to get rid of Unaffordable disease

On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, we at NFLR organized a program of events to sensitize the community to the problem of hepatitis B, organized screening camps to identify patients with hepatitis B infection and instituted hepatitis B vaccination for healthy people to prevent future infection. The following is an update of our activities

  • 20000 people screened for hepatitis B and C virus across the state
  • Vaccination for hepatitis B virus done
  • Hepatitis Awareness talk conducted in multiple corporates, schools, hospital staff, etc
  • Conducted awareness campaigns such as issuing pamphlets in public places such as beach, Malls, etc

On world Hepatitis day, dignitaries like Mr Krish Srikanth and Mr N Ravi, Editor in Chief, The Hindu and Prof Rela administered a pledge spreading awareness of the disease.

Hepatitis Awareness

NFLR intends to follow a multi-pronged strategy including health talks in the community- schools, colleges, corporate entities and out-reach clinics, free hepatitis B screening camps across the city and in multiple locations across South India and provide hepatitis B vaccination facilities for the public at greatly subsidized prices. Information regarding these planned activities will be publicized through print, electronic and web-based media. Your participation in these events will go a long way in making it a big success.